eTravos is the leading online travel content aggregator and a distribution solutions provider. eTravos operates and consolidates the world's largest inventory directly linking to 50+ travel suppliers to Online Travel Agencies, Corporate Bookings, Online Travel Search and Mobile app services. eTravos is a leading player in pull-push the multi GDS/FSC inventory at one place also, NDC airlines to benefit the end users with all ancillary services

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We propose an highly advanced, user-friendly and reliable Hajj and Umrah B2B/B2C booking search engine that allows the clients to search and book the travel services (Hotels, Transfer & Ground Service) that they need to be able to get Umrah VISA.

Offer personalized services, customer support that are on par with excellence. Integrity, reliability and transparency are the core values that we stand for. Product would be a truly an ideal partner for travel professionals, hospitality industry and destination managers with its vast product offering at an affordable price.

Maqam is an online platform designed for communities reaching the Makkah and Madinah from all over the world so that they can apply for an Umrah package from any part of the world conveniently. The newly introduced system will facilitate the pilgrims and make their pilgrimage hassle-free.

We eTravos, can build the software for the umrah tourism and package building. We have been developing this software for a long time for our clients.

Currently, a sophisticated technology Maqam is the GDS (global distribution system)launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.The system provides complete information of all Makkah and Madinah suppliers to the approved e-commerce sites. It is introduced as a result of the recent changes in Umrah Visa policies by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Maqam is an online platform designed for communities reaching the Makkah and Madinah from all over the world so that they can apply for an Umrah package from any part of the world conveniently. The newly introduced system will facilitate the pilgrims and make their pilgrimage hassle-free.

A GDS, Global Distribution System can link services, rates and bookings consolidating products and services across all three travel sectors especially reservations in airlines, hotels, car rentals, and activities. GDS provides real time links to the suppliers/vendor's direct database. It holds no inventory. With single GDS software, a travel agent can book flight, hotel, attractions, sightseeing, transfers and car services.


  • Mobile responsive Website
  • Android Application
  • IOS Application


  • Fully Mobile responsive website
  • B2B and B2C Booking Processes in one package
  • Easy to create Agents and Sub-Agents
  • Dynamically manage rules, mark-ups and discounts
  • Tested and verified connection with all suppliers
  • E-Wallet mode of payment through Ministry E-wallet and Agent IBAN Number
  • Live connectivity to Maqam GDS (Saudi Arabia GDS) for real time booking
  • Group booking of hotel rooms for large groups
  • Creation of Static and dynamic packages with multiple departures
  • Add to Cart module to book number of products together
  • Hotels Booking Services
  • Land transportation company
  • Ground service providers
  • e-Visa Services
  • e-Wallet for b2b agents

B2C Umrah Booking:

  • B2B website login for registered agents to book GDS services
  • Services: Hotel or/and Transportation
  • Supports group bookings of over 100 rooms at once
  • Allows agents to use OTA balance to make bookings and pay the OTA on a credit basis manage revenue
  • Incident email notifications

B2B Umrah Booking:

  • Can book customized packages with their preferred flights, hotels and ground services options
  • The system also gives them the flexibility to book individual products from the system
  • They can either book a single product, or add number products to a shopping cart and book them together depending on the availability
  • Allows pilgrims to check the applicable visa fee and apply for the e-visa
  • When a Mutame is making the booking himself, there are 3 types of services, which he / she should book before proceeding for Visa Processing:
  • Hotel Booking: Works in a similar way as B2B Hotel booking. In this case the Mutamer is making the booking themselves to generate the BRN.
  • Transportation Booking: Mutamers / pilgrims can select the Transportation of their choice from all the available and approved providers on any Hajj & Umrah Booking platform
  • Ground Services: The service package for ground services like welcome at the hotel or any assistance are available for Mutamer’s to directly book on the B2C / OTA system. They can select the package of their choice and generate a BRN on successful booking.
  • E-Visa Application: The B2C system should be directly connected with the e-Visa system on the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah to automatically pass on the BRN with the Visa application of the Mutamer / Pilgrim.
  • In the B2C Module 3 Booking Reference Numbers (BRN) are generated for Hotel, Transportation and Ground Services each. All three BRN are mandatory for Visa processing.
  • In B2C Module, third party payment gateway integration to be integrated with the software.

Back Office Management:

  • DashBoard
  • Staff Management
  • 360 degrees view for Customers, agents wise Umrah bookings
  • Allows configuration of business rules/policies for B2B and B2C
  • Configuration of promotions and discounts
  • Dynamic Mark-up Management
  • Invoice management
  • API log management
  • Configuration of various types of markups and commissions
  • MIS reporting module to bookings, sales and commissions
  • Accounting ledgers for reconciliation with suppliers and agents to help track profitability

We can also introduce the flights booking using GDS apis such as amadeus, galileo, sabre to the same umrah portal. Can also integrate the LCC airlines apis, third party apis for instant booking services.

Please contact us for more information about the umrah software gds integrated system

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