The online booking engine i2space fits perfectly into your website and allows guests to make reservations in their apartments directly without having to interact with a member of his team. All properties listed on the booking engine running on the same database availability as the site of administration, so any bookings that are made are dynamically updated as platforms- no risk of double booking.

Customers benefit by using a step by step process, displaying a full range of products offered, including special opportunities and last minute packages and value-added incentives. The booking engine ensures your own site generates revenue by converting visitors to your site in the reserves of the Commission for Free! Talking your own website and have an easy mobile interface that provides instant recognition and confirmation.

The custom additional web within the booking engine permits you to customize the guest and reserves of experience for everyone with areas for business or pleasure, booking agent and owners to allow full transparency in the process of booking and billing. Cross sell and up guests using the simple step to step section for additional services in order to increase their bottom line, but also start early guest experience as soon as possible to add value to their direct bookings.

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